70/30 or 80/20 ? Can a China microfiber factory produce 70/30 blend towel ?

Yes, we can produce 70/30 blend microfiber towels . A 70/30 blend microfiber towel is with higher price than a same size and gsm 80/20 blend towel . The 10% difference of polyester and polyamide can cause a little price change , we can even ignore it .The main difference is from the market ,stock 70/30 blend microfiber yarns are rare , when we want to buy it , yarns suppliers have to produce some for us , so it cause a big MOQ and higher price . When you want to order 16×16 in 500gsm 80/20 microfiber towel in a custom color , we tell you the MOQ is 3000pcs,but 70/30 blend need 10,000-15,000pcs. That is why many customers inquiry 70/30 towels , but order 80/20 finally .

70/30 is better than 80/20 ?

When you have a 80/20 towel and a 100% polyester towel in hand , you can immediately tell which is better ,because the 100%polyester towel touches like some plastic material, too smooth ,not skin-freindly,and the absorbency is obviously different .A 90/10 towel is much similar to the 100% polyester towel ,people who usually use microfiber towels can easily find the difference too . From above , I can say 70/30 is better ,I can even feel softer in 70/30.
But everything of 70/30 and 80/20 are so close , it is difficult for people to tell the difference even when they touch and use them . And the dyeing progress can make the towels same soft and absorbent now .Even we have produced and sold microfiber towels for years , we need the lab test to tell the ratio difference between them .

For the customers who are interested in 70/30 microfiber towels ,but hesitate before higher price and bigger MOQ, we will suggest them to order 80/20 towels .

For the customers who really want to use 70/30 blend microfiber towels , we will support customized production.

Welcome to get free 70/30 and 80/20 towel samples ,and test them by yourself .

Post time: May-06-2021