Higher GSM is better ?

How we measure the density and thickness of the towels? GSM is the unit we use – grams per square meter.
As we know ,there are different weaving or knitting way of microfiber towel fabric , plain ,long pile ,suede ,waffle weave, twist pile etc. Ten years ago ,the most popular GSM is from 200GSM-400GSM.For the same weaving microfiber towels , higher GSM means thicker .Generally speaking ,the higher GSM( the thicker), the better quality , lower GSM means cheap price and low quality.

But in the past years , factories started to produce some extremely thick towels from 1000GSM-1800GSM ,so we think it is important to choose the correct GSM according your purpose,a 1800GSM towel is super and expensive ,but it can not be used in everywhere .

200GSM-250GSM is the range of economy grade microfiber towels ,both sides short piles ,light weight,low cost ,easy to wash ,easy to dry, good to use for wiping interiors and windows.In this range , 220GSM is choosed by most customers .

280GSM-300GSM plain microfiber towels mostly used as multi-purpose car towels.

300GSM -450GSM is the range for dual Pile towels ,longer fibers on one side and shorter on the other .300GSM and 320GSM are the low cost ones, 380GSM is the most popular one , and 450GSM is the best ,but cost higher. Dual pile towels are good to use for scrubbing ,cleaning and drying .

500GSM is unique , a fluffy towel is mostly produced in this GSM . Even this towel can be as thick as 800GSM , but 500GSM is the most popular choice .

From 600GSM to 1800GSM ,they are mostly made of two layers of single side towels ,both long plushy and twist pile towels can be produced in this range .they are super absorbent,also work perfectly for drying and removing .

Post time: May-06-2021