How to Wash Microfiber Towels

1.Hand wash and air dry
For 3-5pcs thin microfiber towels between 200-400gsm , simple hand wash will save time if they are mildly dirty. Shake them out to remove any large debris, and then give them a quick soak in a bowl of cold or warm water. A little hand-scrubbing will bring most of the dust trapped within a microfiber cleaning towel to the surface,then dump and refill the water as necessary .Once hand scrubbed, rinse your towel(s) under warm water until what drips out runs clear of dust and debris.

After that ,you can try to air-dry your microfiber cloths and towels, if time allows. Hang them outside or near a window for a quicker dry, but if you need to have them ready for use in a hurry, tumble dry them on a low-heat setting.

2.Machine wash and tumble dry
No fabric softerner .Fabric softener might be great on your clothes but it’s awful on microfiber towels. It will clog up the fibers and render them useless. Keep that stuff away from your towels and make sure the detergent you use doesn’t have any mixed in.
No bleach.bleach is known to deteriorate microfiber, eroding the fibers and ultimately destroying their high-performance adhesive qualities
No heat .Heat can be a killer for microfiber. The fibers can actually melt, causing them to quit their job of picking stuff up

Microfiber towels can be machine washed just like your clothes. There’s three things you need to do differently though – avoid heat ,bleach and fabric softener.
Separate “clean towel” and “dirty towel” loads are a good way to avoid cross-contamination.Cold or warm cycle will be good .Most regular detergent like Tide is fine for general purpose and cheap towels. If you have any professional microfiber detergent ,that will be better .
Tumble them dry on low heat or no heat. High heat will literally melt the fibers

Avoid ironing your microfiber cleaning materials, too, as you could cause serious damage to the fibers.

Post time: May-06-2021