Clay Bar Pad, Clay Disc, Polisher Pad for Car Detailing, Clay Pad Auto Detailing

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Size:     6 inches

Grade:   Medium Grade

Color:   Yellow Foam


The hook and loop backing securely attaches to a 5.5 or 6 inch backing plate to be used with a dual action polisher

Helps you get through the decontamination phase at a much quicker rate. It is also fully washable and therefore reusable to boot!


quickly and effectively gives your paint an all-over clean with less work on you

Working much in the way of a clay bar, it helps to remove stubborn contaminants embedded into the paint’s surface, but at a much quicker and easy-to-use rate.

OEM Service

Color :    Stock Blue Red, Any Cusomized Pantone Color
Moq:      100pcs per Stock Color
Package:   Individual Package in bag ,then in Box
Logo :     Sticker on Box


Why Buy This Product?

Makes surfaces smooth as glass.

Easily removes surface contamination from paintwork, glass, and metal.

Faster alternative to the clay bar.

Designed for surfaces with light contamination.

Removes embedded contaminants, pollution, industrial fallout, and light water spots in seconds.

Attaches to your favorite dual action polisher for the fastest cleaning results.

Works on any paint color.

If dropped on the floor, simply rinse and wipe clean.

The clay material removes contaminants and impurities much faster than clay bars, long-lasting performance than traditional clay.  How to use the clay pad:  Spray a workable section of the vehicle's surface with mild shampoo as lubrication. Lubrication is important while using the Clay Pad. Scrub the lubrication areas with light pressure until you feel that it is silky smooth.  Wash and rinse the vehicle when finish all steps above. Dry the vehicle with a clean Maxshine microfiber towel and rinse the clay pad with soap and water and air dry.

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