Clay Mitt Auto Detailing Medium Grade Clay Bar Alternative Mitt

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Size:     15x21cm

Grade:   Medium Grade

Color:   Blue and Red


The mitt design ensures that you will not accidentally drop the mitt


Give your paint a smooth as glass feel without the difficulty of using a clay bar.

It cleanses & decontaminates the surface in one step.

Used properly, clay towel easily pulls off over-spray, rail dust, industrial fallout and contamination that are embedded into the surface.

OEM Service

Color :    Stock Blue Red, Any Cusomized Pantone Color
Moq:      100pcs per Stock Color ,3000pcs per New Color
Package:   Individual Package  in Box
Logo :     Sticker on Box


Clay Bar Vs. Clay Mitt–What’s The Difference?

If you’re trying to get your car to look nearly new again, you should be thinking about detailing it until it shines. Part of this process involves collecting the right car detailing tools—including either a clay bar or a clay mitt. Both of these can quickly and safely remove contaminants—such as tree sap, bugs, and brake dust—from your car’s surface without scratching the paint. But which one is better to use? Here’s what you need to know about a clay bar vs. clay mitt before you start detailing your car.

What’s A Clay Mitt?

A clay mitt has the same purpose of a clay bar, which is to smooth out the surface of your car so you can properly detail it. However, a clay mitt fits over your hand, similar to a wash mitt when you wash your car. Because of this, it tends to be easier to use than a clay bar, which you have to hold as you rub over the vehicle. In addition, clay mitts are typically larger than clay bars since they have to fit over your hand, so they can cover more surface area.

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