4 Inch UFO-Shape Black Wax Applicator Pads and Dressing Polishing Pads Buffing Pads for Car

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Diamter: 4inche(100mm) Thickness:  25mm Color: Black

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1.Laser-cut edges allow to fit into tight spaces easily

2.Reduces product waste

3.Can be used for the exterior and interior

4.100 percent machine washable

5.Ideal for many uses including creams, waxes, leather conditioners and dressings



1.Mainly Used For The Exterior And Interior Of Car Detailing
2.Such As Car Paint Drying, Auto Waxing, Interior Cleaning & Caring
3.Leather Seat, Leather Conditioners And Dressings, Plastic Surface, Ceramic, Wheel, Etc.
4.When you use, immediately dip wax and then wipe on the paint by circle trail, finally, use the towel to wipe the excess wax, that is done. Soak in warm water after use, and then extrude the residue wax with clean water, dry to store.

OEM Service

Size: 100mm
Color : Black
Moq: 3000pcs per Stock Color
Package: Bulk or Individual Package in bag
Logo : Embossed


The UFO Wax and Dressing Applicator Pads are engineered to be the most functional and surface friendly applicators in the industry. These laser-cut durafoam applicator pads are ideal for many uses from your favorite cream or paste wax to leather conditioners and dressings. The laser-cut edges form a unique UFO-like shape making them extremely easy to fit into tight areas. This unique durafoam composite of the pad assures that just the right amount of product is absorbed to reduce waste while the micro-fine pores work perfectly with the soft and dense pad construction to deliver superior surface application. These pads are 100 percent machine washable but it is recommended that they be washed separately to ensure they remain lint-free. As with all micro-fiber products, they should never be exposed to fabric softener as it will reduce static properties and cause the pad to clean and spread less effectively.

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